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White Buffalo Calf Woman has come home, you will find her in the storm, with a Vision that lingers on. Look into your heart, know that you impart the soul of eternal wisdom that flows. Receive your song today, and learn all your sacred ways, it's time to grow and flow the devoted flowering ways. A heart that mingles for brotherhood jingles, to the song that rushes to your knows. It's time to grow and play! Come and seek a new way. Ask and behold, the glory of your ways, email whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com today!

I bless myself, I bless the world, I bless you!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Dreams Do Come true!

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true. Some day, over the rainbow my heart will know you!  Some day over the rainbow, my dreams will follow you.  Somewhere over the rainbow, oh someday, it will come true.

I wish upon star, and make it all worthwhile for you.  I make a vision quest and ask myself do I rest for you?  Somewhere over the rainbow, my heart will be blue (relatives), some day, where love is the answer, oh what a prancing view. 

The hearts of the merry go round, the place that I found.  The dreams they do call upon, the dreams I'm so fond to bind the dreams of you.  There I go, around the bend.  There we swim along the raging floor.  There we go, inside your heart, where all does really know the part. 

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true.  And my heart will bow to you, in the dreamworld of the blue.  Oh my little blue birds, that sing and dance for you.  My little children, who bring the dreams to you.  Oh my dreams come true.  And my view does sing.  The lost and found of me, is where I go to find you.

My heart sings for you.  The land with a view, and I know it's a rainbow, the colors do show, a brand new view.  Some where over the rainbow, my heart does sing.  I'm in love with the rainbow, my heart always bring in spring. 

Oh whipper willows, blow away.  My heart does learn to play.  And when the wind blows, I do flow, to know the soul escapes.  And in the new view, my heart sings.  And in the new view, we do bring.  And when the sunshine follows you, inside the oceans view.

Some where over the rainbow, my heart does sing.  I hear all the lullabies, and what they do bring to you.  And when we hear the song of love.  The whipper willows bow to doves, and know, it's a brand new view.  And when rainbows do sing, I know it's the heart of spring.  And dreams are like butterflies, who fly home to you.  And I know it's a song's glow, the heart of me and you.  And when I dream over the rainbow stream to you, I come to the oceans view. I hear the song of a new view.  And we are going to that flowing storm.  We are going to the land where there is no harm. And when the rainbow knows. the heart of all that glows, we will travel over rainbow bows, the heart of all that glows. 

Some where over the rainbow, dreams come true.  And I will sing a lullaby.  And I will receive a heart of humble pie, and we will journey to and fro.  And we will know the ringing glow. And the sacred rainbow, will know, that children everywhere do feel and sense the air.  It's rainbow land so fair, my heart does long to bear.

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true.  And my heart will know better, than to look for a better view.  Some day, I will know it's the song of the longing sacred blue.  Some day, my heart will know better, than the flesh knows you.  It's a butterfly world.  It's a song that fills, the days come true.  My heart knows you, somewhere over the rainbow, dreams follow you.  Some where my heart does do dancing, prancing along the view.

Some day, my heart will know linger in the gardens pure.  Some day, my heart will have answers, oh what a sacred view.  And there shall be butterflies, that dance in you.  and there shall be sisters who know glancing views.  And there shall be brotherhood along the sacred view, the shores of divinity, that's what will bee in you!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter.  Join us at http://groups.google.com/group/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy

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